A Brief Introduction of Concrete Mortar Pump

Concrete mortar pump can satisfy the requirements of various construction works, which is mainly used to pour all kinds of mortars, acid, industrial sewage and others. Concrete mortar pump has high availability and stable performance, which has played a significant role in construction engineering projects all over the world. Here, we want to introduce the basic characteristics of concrete mortar pump.

  1. Strong wear resistance

Our concrete mortar pump adopts world famous brand and high quality materials, which has better wear resistance than other similar cement mortar pumps.

  1. Excellent impact resistance

It adopts ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which will change nothing under 196 degrees below zero, and it ensures the high quality and good performance of the machine.

  1. Strong abrasion resistance

Our cement mortar pump has strong abrasion resistance, which promotes it performance and prolongs its service life.

cement mortar pump

  1. Low working noises

It has low operation noises, which makes the site selection much easier and more convenient.

  1. High reliability

Our machine adopts advanced production technique, and the main components adopt world famous brands, which can greatly promote the reliability of our cement mortar pump and avoid unnecessary working breakdowns.

  1. Strong anti-sticking performance and low friction

It has strong anti-sticking performance, which makes the cleaning and maintenance of the machine much easier. Besides that, our machine has ow friction in the operation process, which also requires low lubrication.

Comparing with other cement mortar pump suppliers, our company has long manufacturing experience, and our concrete mortar pump has received a good reputation at home and abroad. If you have any demand, don’t hesitate to contact us to get the latest quotation at any time! Our professional salesman will give you the best suggestion.

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