Classification of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck-mounted concrete pump has numerous advantages, and it is widely used in various construction engineering projects. However, we just introduce the classification of truck-mounted concrete pump to you.

The boom height of truck-mounted concrete pump refers to the maximum vertical distances between the ground and boom’s top after the boom fully grows. Its primary parameters would be the boom height and theoretical transport capacity. The boom height and theoretical transport capacity has been serialized.

truck mounted concrete pump picture

  1. Based on the height of concrete pump boom, it can be divided into short boom (13-28m), long boom (31-47m), and super long boom (51-62m).
  2. Based on the theoretical transport capacity of concrete pump, it can be divided into small concrete pump (44~87m3/h), medium concrete pump (90~130m3/h), and large concrete pump (150~204m3/h).
  3. Based on the discharge pressure of concrete pump, it can be divided into low current (2.5~5.0MPa), medium current (10.0~18.0MPa), high current and ultrahigh current (22.0MPa).
  4. Based on the driven modes of concrete pump, it can be divided into automotive engine driven, towed trailer engine driven and single motor driven.

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