Concrete Pump has Huge Development Potential in Domestic Market

With only 20 years’ development, China has become one of the largest concrete pump manufacturing country in the world. In the depressing period of engineering machinery, most of machinery manufacturers has to take a wait and find certain approaches. However, in this special period, concrete machinery has its own style both on sales volume and new research and development on now products. With the emerging of many different construction projects, the market input and sales volume of concrete pump have shown a different trend.

According to the dates of machinery industry, more than ten years’ fast development of Chinese concrete machinery indicates that concrete pump technology will have a broad development prospect and it will become a new favorite engineering machinery industry in the future. In addition, concrete pump chassis will also become diversified.

portable concrete pump picture

In recent years, with the industrialization of concrete pumping technology, the market share of concrete pump in our country has surpassed many foreign brands, leading Chinese concrete pump market share with the change from 10% in the past to 90%. Besides, Changli’s machinery concrete pump occupies an important position in domestic market, becoming a famous concrete pump brand and manufacturer. At present, there are hundreds of concrete pump manufacturers in China and the total annual production capacity of concrete pumps have a new breakthrough annually, and this trend is also being strengthened.

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