Conveying Pipeline Cleaning of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a well-welcomed concrete conveying equipment, which has played an important role in the transportation of concrete all over the world. Conveying pipeline is a vital component of concrete pump, and the performance of conveying pipeline will greatly affect its pumping efficiency. Generally speaking, the regular cleaning of concrete pump can effectively prevent the blockage of conveying pipeline in the pumping process. However, how much do you know about the cleaning of conveying pipeline? We want to share it with worldwide customers to help them manage their projects.

mobile concrete trailer pump

  1. The pipeline should be equipped with a check valve, and the check flow plate should also be inserted to the pipeline to prevent the overflow of concrete in the inclined tubes.
  2. Take some of concrete out from the first mouth of the pipeline, and then connect the gas washing joint. The joint should be squeezed into some wet sponge ball previously, and it also should be equipped with the exhaust valve and compressed air hose.
  3. There should be a safety cover at the end of the pipeline to avoid the damage caused by sudden concrete pouring.
  4. Push the sponge ball and concrete mixtures out by slowly opening the compressed air inlet valves. If the pipeline is equipped with a check valve, operators should open the valve in an open position.
  5. The gas washing is completed when all concrete in the pipeline has been emptied and the sponge ball has also been shot. At this time, operators should close the compressed air inlet valve, and then remove all kinds of other pipe fittings.

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