Conveying Pipeline of Concrete Pump

Conveying pipeline plays an important role in the conveying of concrete, which is also a key component of all kinds of concrete pumps. However, how much do you know about the selection rules of conveying pipelines? After summarizing the suggestions of our professional technologists, we want to share it with worldwide customers.

First, the conveying pipeline should be selected according to the maximum aggregate conveying size, concrete pump conveying distance and productivity. Conveying pipeline should use less elbow and hose, and the laying of pipelines should be safe and convenient.

truck mounted pump

Second, the quality of conveying pipe should be well enough that can meet general      concrete conveying requirements, and users should adopt conveying pipelines that have no cracks, no bump damage and no bent tube section. The joint parts of conveying pipeline should be tight and strong enough, and it also should be assembled and disassembled in a very short time.

Then, the conveying pipeline should be covered with a wet cloth or cover bag to prevent from sunlight irradiation in summer. And also, the pipeline should be   covered with thermal insulation material to prevent from the frozen of concrete in the tube and affect normal conveying process in winter.

At Last, users should check the conveying pipeline regularly to reduce the wear the tear in the pumping process, which can save enough time to handle sudden breakdowns timely.

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