Distinctive Features of Changli Concrete Pumps

As a professional cement pump manufacturer in china, Changli Machinery has varieties of concrete pumps to choose, which are well-accepted for its unique design and good performance. This essay will introduce some of the features of our cement pumps for sale briefly.

  1. Changli concrete pump adopts clipper-built design, which has novel appearance and good transportation.
  2. All the components are assembled reasonably to guarantee the compact structure of the pump.
  3. The oil pumping system adopts world famous brand to ensure the reliability of the machine.
  4. High quality electric or diesel driving system can provide the whole machine with strong power, which can ensure that the pump work smoothly and efficiently.
  5. The pump adopts advanced S distribution valves that have superior sealing and cleaning performance.
  6. PLC controlling system guarantees that the pump work safely and accurately.
  7. The oil tanker is featured with big cylinder diameter, which can ensure the long pumping distance of our cement pumps china.
  8. Convenient operation and reasonable structure makes the maintenance of our pump much easier.

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Changli concrete pump absorbs advanced production techniques at home and abroad to improve its quality and performance. And we have tried our best to satisfy the requirements of our customers. So, if you have the need, please feel free to send an email or leave a message at any time, and we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

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