Features of Concrete Pump

With high transporting speed and distance, concrete pump can largely meet the demand of various construction projects. The adoption of concrete pump can shorten your construction period, saving labor and costs. How much do you know about the features and specifications of concrete pumps? I will provide a brief introduction of the features of concrete pumps.

concrete pump image

  1. Concrete pump adopts double pump double circuit hydraulic system, which has no interference that can sure the smooth operation of the machine.
  2. It has anti-pump function, which can eliminate the blockage or breakdown of the machine in time.
  3. The adoption of advanced S pipe valve can automatically fix the wear gap, and it also makes the machine having good sealing performance.
  4. The use of wear-resistant materials and floating cutting ring greatly improve the service life of the machine.
  5. The optimized design of the hopper makes the machine easy to clean, and it also has better suction performance.
  6. Concrete pump has automatic centralized lubrication system, which can ensure that the machine can have effective lubrication in the running process.
  7. High degree of automation and remote control make the operation of the machine much easier and safer.
  8.  The components of concrete pump adopt famous brand and high quality materials, which can ensure the high quality of the machine.

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