General Introduction of Small Concrete Mixing Pump

Small concrete pump——mixing pump, the use efficiency of this kind of small concrete pump can reach 4-6 times of the traditional stationary mixer and concrete pump, the economic efficiency has made great progress. The biggest feature is the mixing pump type makes the mixing and pumping combination, it can move convenient and flexible with high maneuverability, it is very suitable for alternate operation on multiple building sites. In addition to the process of mixing and pumping, the original need of the two processes is only required one operator to complete, it can save the labour power.

mobiel concrete mixer with pump image
With less energy consumption, compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation, simple operation, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, high automation level and high performance of the structural system, to make sure that the pumping with zero fault.
Application scope of small concrete mixer:
Mixing pump is suitable for transport of large aggregate concrete with small and medium sized construction of piled foundation, especially for rural civil construction; new towns and countryside construction. Mine cave, railway, highway, tunnel and other cave construction. Water conservancy and hydro power projects, geological hazard control, basic irrigation, etc. It has large quantity of pouring, narrow space or other construction characteristics.
Small concrete pump has the following advantages:
First, carrying the small concrete mixing pumps is convenient for rural haulage with high working efficiency.
Second, the smaller power is considered about the carrying capacity of rural power network.
Third, the use of 180 type concrete cylinder, good suction, can transport conventional large aggregates or crushed stone concrete.
Fourth, save the labor costs, reduce labor intensity.
Fifth, simple operation, convenient to use, uses the remote control to operate the mixing pump, which is more convenient.
Sixth, the perfect combination of mixing and pumping, saving rack weight and transport space.