How to Correctly Operate Small Concrete Pump for Sale?

Concrete pump has a high degree of mechanization, easy operation, high efficiency, and a wide range of application. The specification of concrete pump can ensure the concrete be efficiently send to the construction site and improve the efficiency of the project. Then, how to correctly operate small portable concrete pump? We provide some recommendations for our users, and it is listed as follows:

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  1. Pumping construction should be decided by the progress of construction, and the users should strengthen the organization and schedule the arrangements to ensure continuous and uniform feeding.
  2. The transportation capacity of concrete mini pump should be compatible with the supply capacity of the mixing machinery.
  3. The model of concrete pump can be selected according to project conditions, so as the maximum pumping distance and the maximum output.
  4. The position of the small concrete pump for sale should be close to the pouring site.
  5. The wall of conveyor should be smooth, and the interface should not leak pulp.
  6. The length of the beginning pipeline of pipe section should not be less than 15m in the process of pumping concrete.
  7. When pumping concrete downwards, the angle between pipeline and vertical line should not be less than 12 degrees.
  8. Concrete should be pumped within 60 minutes after mixing. The concrete should be pumped within 1/2 of the initial setting time and complete poured before the initial setting.
  9. When pumping concrete with a piston pump, the receiving hopper of the mini concrete pump for sale shall have sufficient concrete and it shall not inhale the air.
  10. Continuous pumping of concrete should be maintained by the concrete pump, if necessary, the pumping speed can be reduced to maintain pumping continuity. If users have to stop the pump for more than 15 minutes, users should operate the pump in forward and reverse direction, and start the hopper mixer to prevent the concrete segregation in the hopper. If the stop time of the pump is more than 45min, and concrete occurs segregation phenomenon, and the user should remove the concrete in the pipelines and clean the pump thoroughly.
  11. In winter construction, users should take some measures to keep pipelines in warm condition.
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