How to Install Concrete Pump in Construction Sites

Proper management to the construction site of concrete pump is pretty important for the whole installation process. Therefore, it becomes quite significant to choose a suitable location for the pump.

Generally speaking, the site choosing of concrete pump should depend on the location of construction targets as well as the construction materials. Concrete pump usually takes less space, and it is easy to settle, which makes the installation works much easier. After choosing a proper location for the pump, operators can begin installing the pump. Here are some brief introduction of its installing process.

Construction truck is usually used to transport the pump, which can put down the machine at the appointed place. At the same time, the supporting wheels will down to the ground to support the machine.

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  1. Pull out plugs of the two holders which are used to support the hopper of the machine. In this way, the holders will totally land on the ground.
  2. Adjust the extension length of the hydraulic hitch legs by manual operation. And the following items are forbidden to ensure safety. Firstly, users use a single leg to support the whole machine. Secondly, users use two diagonal legs to support the machine. At last, users use the same side of two legs to support the machine.
  3. Connect the above and below tracks of the pump. Tighten the screws and make sure the tracks in the bottom of the pump can totally touch the ground.

All in all, operators should start the machine after finishing all the installation works. Welcome to contact us if you still want to know more about china concrete pumps for sale.

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