How to maintain an electric concrete pump?

In order to ensure your concrete pump is safe to use, then it is essential that you maintain it correctly. You need to always make use of concrete pump for the task, and make sure that it is positioned in a safe, stable area so that workers can work around it comfortably.

In addition, you need to ensure that the pump is inspected consistently. An electric concrete pump must be inspected after every 500 hours of operation, and at least one time each year. The inspector should be trained within the care and repair of pumps. These tips are simply minimum recommendations, as well as an older machine or one that is utilized in harsh operating conditions may require more frequent inspections.

Regular care and maintenance:

Besides the full inspection, the concrete pump operator should carry out routine inspections on the weekly basis, and keep a log of the work that is certainly performed.

concrete pump electric picture

Important maintenance tasks include:

Vehicles needs to have their braking system serviced and tested twice a year.

Vehicles need to have their braking system serviced and tested twice a year.

The receiving hopper must be inspected to ensure it is in good structural condition.

The pump’s water supply and pipes has to be tested to make sure that they are free of leaks and damage.

The concrete pump, and the placing boom ought to be cleaned out periodically. This is a specialist job, and in most cases it might be performed by the operator, but if the operator does not have the relevant skills to accomplish this they can get in touch with an expert to supply assistance.

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