How to Maintain Concrete Pumps Correctly?

The service life of concrete pumps can be greatly prolonged through cleaning, lubrication, regular inspection and other maintaining methods. To be honest, it is necessary for users to maintain their machine to ensure the smooth operation and stable running in the working process, and avoid unnecessary breakdowns and losses.

The maintaining requirements of concrete pumps are as the followings:

  1. Cleaning the concrete, gravel and other debris that stick onto the inside or outside of the equipment to keep the whole machine clean.
  2. The internal tools and spare parts of concrete pumps should be in place to ensure that it have free using.
  3. Lubricating every part of concrete pumps to prevent it from rust and corruption, which can ensure efficient work and smooth operation. Check whether the oil pressure is normal or not, and clean the gun, cup, and linoleum.
  4. Operating the machine in accordance with the instruction without overusing the equipment to ensure the normal operation of concrete pumps.
  5. Users should maintain the machine regularly, and one should also pay more attention to the machine in the operating process, and take effective measures in time under some emergencies.

concrete mixer pump picture

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