How to Operate Concrete Trailer Pump Properly?

Concrete trailer pump consists of hopper, pumping body, hydraulic cylinder, slide valve, delivery cylinder, and the pilot valve. The hydraulic system of concrete trailer pump is made up of concrete pumping hydraulic system, concrete mixing and cooling hydraulic system, water pump and the cleaning hydraulic system, arm support leg and turntable hydraulic system. However, how to operate concrete pump properly in the operation process? Here we want to make a brief introduction to help you manage your construction projects well.

The proper use of concrete trailer pump can not only extend the service life of the equipment, improving the construction efficiency, but also it can reduce the machine’s wear and tear in the operation process to make you more profits.

concrete trailer pump picture

First, before using the machine, operators should put enough water into the cylinder to cool the oil tank, and replace it with hot water in winter so that the machine can put into use quickly. Then, the machine begin to work when the power is on. At this time, operators should add some water or mortar to the hopper to lubricate the pipeline, and the machine will come into normal operation quickly.

If the machine has to stop for a while in the operation process, operators have no need to stop the work load of concrete trailer pump. Clean the pipelines’ concrete in time to prevent the congestion of pipes if the machine has to stop for a long time. After using the machine, operators should clean the equipment thoroughly to ensure the smooth operation of equipment in the next time.

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