How to Prolong The Service Life of Concrete Pumps?

Only when users use the concrete pump properly, our delivery pump can have long service life and work better for our users. Do you know how to prolong the service life of the concrete pumps? We Aimix Group will give you some advice.

  1. The Connection of the transmission pipelines.

Generally speaking, the pipelines should be connected from the exit of the pump. At the exit of the pump, users should use a new pipeline with a thick wall to reduce the burst possibility of the pipe and increase the service life of the pipe.

  1. The maintenance of cutting ring and glasses plate

With the extension of the using time, there may be some wear and tear on the contact surface of the glasses and the cutting ring, which will seriously affect its service life. When the concrete is pumped, the cutting ring swings along with the swing of the S tube, and the cutting ring may be worn faster. When the position of the cutting ring is worn, the cutting ring can be rotated to an angle in time to improve service life of the cutting ring.

Aimix concrete pump with mixer

  1. The discharging port, tapered pipe and distribution valve should be used correctly.

If users find the wear and tear on the layer outlet, conical pipe, distribution valve and other parts, users should timely weld it with electrode. Due to the different site and different conditions, the service life of the cutting ring and plate wearing glasses have a big difference, such as the level of concrete, distance and pumping height. However, as long as users use and handle the concrete pump right, the service life of the wearing parts can be greatly prolonged.

  1. Pay attention to the lubrication of piston and delivering cylinder.

If users found some sand in the water tank, which indicates that the piston may be damaged, and the piston should be replaced in a timely manner to extend the service life of the piston and advice. The cooling water temperature in the tank is also very important, and users need to constantly replace the cooling water in the tank to extend the life of the piston.

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