How to Properly Use Concrete Pumps?

Concrete pump is a widely used conveying equipment, which has extensive application in the construction of high-rise buildings, railway, overpasses and other large construction works. However, many users often make mistakes in actual operation process, which can cause lots of troubles and losses. In order to correct their mistakes and maximum their profits, Changli Machinery want to introduce the correct operation procedures of concrete pumps to worldwide customers.

Concrete pump has the advantages of high degree of mechanization, convenient operation, high efficiency and wide application. In order to improve working efficiency and shorten construction period, users should take the following items as reference in their daily operation.

trailer cement pump

  1. Users should make an overall schedule according to the whole construction period, and users should ensure the continuous and uniform feeding in the construction process.
  2. The conveying capacity of your pump should be in accordance with the productivity of concrete mixer.
  3. In selecting concrete pumps, users should take all factors into consideration, such as ideal productivity, conveying distance, construction period, maximum output and so on. Users should choose the pump that has very good performance to minimize pumping losses.
  4. Concrete pump should be close to the pouring site, which can save lots of time and costs. The conveying pipelines should be smooth enough to ensure effective operation.

If users can properly operate concrete pumps, their construction period can be greatly shortened, and the working efficiency can be greatly improved.

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