How to Solve the Freezon of Concrete Pump in winter

It is a big problem for the concrete pump to be frozen in cold winter, which will definitely affects construction schedule. So we will offer some solutions for customers to deal with this problem.

Please keep these tips in mind: the temperature of the machine must be guaranteed and operators should control the pumping time reasonably, and avoid using concrete in the pump line for a long period; Remove all the concrete when moving the machine; Wet the concrete pump with hot water. In terms of pump tube, heat preservaticoncrete trailer pumps pictureson measures can be considered. Operators can prevent concrete pump water tank from being frozen through add 201 ant freezing agent. Some workers usually forget to add ant freezing agent since the temperature of water tank is not very low after stopping working, and they can’t use the concrete pump to work in the next day. So, operators should remember to add ant freezing agent into concrete pump water tank to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

In a word, in order to ensure the construction progress, project quality and construction safety in winter, leaders at all levels and relevant functional departments are required to pay more attention to this issue, to examine and supervise at any time. All the working teams participating in construction should also operate on the basis of winter construction technological measures according to specific occupation.

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