Important Factors of Proportioning Concrete Mixtures

To obtain concrete with certain desired performance characteristics, the selection of component materials is the first step. The next step is a process called mixture proportioning, which means achieving the right combination if components. With the help of efficient electric or diesel concrete mini pump, concrete mixtures with right proportion can be pumping to anyplace to  help the work. Then what are the important factors of proportioning concrete mixtures?

Although there are sound technical principles governing mixture-proportioning procedures, for several reasons the process is not entirely in the realm of science. Nevertheless, because concrete composition greatly influenced the cost and the properties of the product, it is important that engineers responsible for developing and approving mixture proportions should be familiar with the underlying principles and the commonly used procedures.

JS small concrete mixer for sale

JS small concrete mixer for sale

The proportioning of concrete mixtures is the process of arriving at the right combination of cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures for making concrete according to given specifications, and this process is considered an art rather than a science. Although many engineers do not feel comfortable with matters that cannot be reduced to an exact set of numbers, with an understanding of the underlying principles and, with some practice, the art of proportioning concrete mixtures can be mastered. Give an opportunity, the exercise of this art is very rewarding because the effect of mix proportioning on the cost of concrete and several importance properties of both fresh and hardened concrete can be clearly seem.

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