Mix and Pump Concrete with Our Cement Mixer and Pump

In any concrete construction works, users need to ensure that they get the right concrete mixtures for their work, and then pump them to certain places with a concrete pump. However, with the help of our newly invented cement mixer pump, all your worries can be removed, which has the function of concrete mixing and pouring. Then, how does it works actually? There are many rules to follow before mixing concrete. Firstly, the sand used must be clean, hard, and well graded, that is, it must be composed of particles of many sizes ranging from very fine up to particles with certain size division.

Be sure not to use mixtures of silt, clay, or loam in either the sand or gravel; they will prevent the cement paste from bonding the particles together and will result in a weak, porous concrete. It is good practice to test the sand and gravel to determine whether they contain injurious amounts of finely divided clay or silt. Besides that, users also should pay attention to the quality and amount of materials in mixing, which guarantees the quality of final concrete, right?

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The construction of a concrete walk or driveway is the simplest example for explaining the procedure involved in placing or pouring concrete. Walks and driveways are usually built thick with concrete pumped by electric or diesel concrete pump except where heavy vehicles are to be driven over them, in which case the thickness should be increased. With the help of a concrete mixer pump, the concrete can be mixed evenly and pumped efficiently to any needed places, isn’t that great?

Aimix Group is a professional concrete pump and concrete pump manufacturer, which offers many types of construction machine for sale, such as concrete mixer, concrete pump, concrete batching plants, cement silos and so on. Please feel free to send us inquiry if you have the demand.

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