A Brief Introduction of Aimix Small Concrete Pump

Aimix HBT small concrete pump
On the basis of the mature electric commutation technology, Aimix Group have developed the small concrete pumps for sale with excellent performance and hydraulic system. This hydraulic system can greatly improve the reliability of our pump and ensure that it can work in any hard condition. Our small concrete pump adopts diesel or electric engine, and its models basically signify it carrying capacities. Small concrete pump is suitable for the main building structure below 10 floors, building a...

The Basic Service Conditions Aimix Concrete Mixer for Sale

Aimix JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
The operation of any types of concrete mixer should meet certain basic service conditions. As a key component of the concrete batching plant, Aimix diesel concrete mixers are very helpful. Then, what are the basic service conditions of Aimix concrete mixers? Our professional technicians summarize it as listed: First of all, concrete mixers should be set in a flat place so that the tires are in a floating position so as to avoid loosening after starting. It is best to empty test the mixer and ...

Aimix PLD800 Aggregate Batcher was Delivered to France

Aimix aggregate batcher
Aimix PLD800 aggregate batcher was delivered to France in February, 2017.  Our PLD concrete batching machine often works together with a electric or diesel engine concrete mixer to produce concrete for certain construction projects, which adopts separate or concentrated weighting, and it it very fast and accurate. Moreover, our company specializes in the production of concrete mixer pumps, which include diesel concrete mixer with pump, electric concrete mixer with pump and mobile concrete mi...

What Are The Precautions of Concrete Pumping?

HBT mini concrete pump for sale
Concrete pumping refers to the process that concrete is delivered to the construction sites by pump, and the slump is not less than 100mm. Concrete pumping can be a continuous horizontal transport and vertical transport, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low costs. However, what are the precautions when pumping concrete? We Aimix Group think that users should pay more attention to cement, aggregate, admixtures, slump and mixing ratio when pumping concrete. Cement Users should...

How to Prolong The Service Life of Concrete Pumps?

Aimix concrete pump with mixer
Only when users use the concrete pump properly, our delivery pump can have long service life and work better for our users. Do you know how to prolong the service life of the concrete pumps? We Aimix Group will give you some advice. The Connection of the transmission pipelines. Generally speaking, the pipelines should be connected from the exit of the pump. At the exit of the pump, users should use a new pipeline with a thick wall to reduce the burst possibility of the pipe and increase ...

The Basic Maintenance of Aimix Concrete Mixer with Pump

JBT concrete trailer pump
Concrete mixing pump is especially designed for the rural and urban concrete pouring, which can significantly improve the construction efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the user's business. Concrete mixer and pump can pump concrete higher, faster and safer while saving manpower at the same time, and it is favored by more and more investors nowadays. After a period of production, users need to maintain the pump from time to time, and the daily maintenance of concrete mixer pump is ...

How to Choose the Right Concrete Trailer Pump?

Concrete pump is a good concrete delivery tool, which has the characteristics of compact structure, small size and light weight. With the rapid development of concrete pump market, its production enterprises continue to emerge as well as the product models. With much options on the market, how to choose a suitable concrete pump for your work anyway? Changli machinery will help you make your selection. Your selection should be based on the design of construction works, and the selected trailer...

Customer-Visit of Aimix Group

customer visit
Aimix Group is a professional construction equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, and we warmly welcome worldwide customers to visit our company and check our equipment. The customer in the image is very satisfied with our concrete batching plant, and we will discuss the machine details later. We supply good quality concrete mixer, concrete pump, concrete mixer with pump and other equipment for sale, and if you are interested, please contact us at any time to get further information. ...

The Basic Winter Maintenance of Concrete Batching Plant

HZS stationary concrete batching plant
Concrete batching machine and air compressor are the important parts of the concrete mixing plant, and users should maintain the batching equipment well to realize smooth operation in winter. Here, Aimix Group will talk about the basic maintenance tips of the batching machine and air compressor of concrete batching plant as the followings: Regularly add enough lubrication oil to the transmission systems, and clean the impurity and debris in time. Regularly clean the water existed in the ga...

The Placing and Pumping of Concrete

HBT electric concrete pump price
After arrival at the job site, the ready-mixed concrete should be placed as near as possible to its final position, Belt conveyors, truck-mounted chutes, and mobile concrete pumps are among the most commonly used today for concrete placement. To minimize segregation, concrete should not be moved over too long a distance during the placement into forms. In general, the concrete mixtures is deposited in horizontal layers of uniform thickness, and each layer is thoroughly compacted before the next ...

The Mixing and Transportation of Ready-mixed Concrete

small cement mixer for sale
Ready-mixed concrete is defined as concrete that is ,manufactured for delivery to a purchaser in a plastic or unhardened state. During the last 60 years, the ready-mixed concrete industry has experienced tremendous growth worldwide. For example, there are many companies operating 10,000 plants, small concrete mixer, and pumps that furnish over two-thirds of the total concrete consumed in the country. Six or seven percent of the companies produce 50 percent of the ready-mixed concrete and each op...

Important Factors of Proportioning Concrete Mixtures

JS small concrete mixer for sale
To obtain concrete with certain desired performance characteristics, the selection of component materials is the first step. The next step is a process called mixture proportioning, which means achieving the right combination if components. With the help of efficient electric or diesel concrete mini pump, concrete mixtures with right proportion can be pumping to anyplace to  help the work. Then what are the important factors of proportioning concrete mixtures? Although there are sound technic...

Mix and Pump Concrete with Our Cement Mixer and Pump

cement mixer and pump price
In any concrete construction works, users need to ensure that they get the right concrete mixtures for their work, and then pump them to certain places with a concrete pump. However, with the help of our newly invented cement mixer pump, all your worries can be removed, which has the function of concrete mixing and pouring. Then, how does it works actually? There are many rules to follow before mixing concrete. Firstly, the sand used must be clean, hard, and well graded, that is, it must be comp...

Useful Tips of Pipeline Designing of Concrete Pumps

XHBT diesel concrete pump for sale
Concrete pipe should be piped according to characteristics of construction sites and pouring program of concrete. Concrete pipe should be selected according to the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate, the type of concrete pump, the conveying distance, the concrete output and the difficulty of conveying. Concrete pipe should short length of pipelines and use less bends and hoses. The laying of pipeline should be laid to ensure safe construction and it is must convenient to clean pipeline...

How to Calculate the Output Capacity of Concrete Mixer Pump?

JBS30 electric concrete pump with mixer
It is particularly evident that the delivery capacity, the outlet pressure, the motor power and the form of distribution valve are the main factors that affect users to select and purchase concrete mixer pump, but the output capacity is also a big factor in selecting and purchasing the concrete pump with mixer. Generally, users will calculate the output capacity to meet their needs before purchasing a electric or diesel concrete mixer with pump. However, Do you know how to calculate the output c...

How to Correctly Operate Small Concrete Pump for Sale?

concrete mixer and pump manufacturers
Concrete pump has a high degree of mechanization, easy operation, high efficiency, and a wide range of application. The specification of concrete pump can ensure the concrete be efficiently send to the construction site and improve the efficiency of the project. Then, how to correctly operate small portable concrete pump? We provide some recommendations for our users, and it is listed as follows: Pumping construction should be decided by the progress of construction, and the users should...

Suggestions for the Maintenance of Hydraulic System of Small Concrete Pump

HBT small portable concrete pump
The daily maintenance of hydraulic system has a direct impact on the normal work of small concrete pumps sale, which will improve the overall performance and working efficiency of your mini concrete pump. The improper operation and maintenance is totally unacceptable in operating your small concrete pump for sale. What rules that users need to obey in this process? In general, users need to stop the pump before taking any other steps. It is totally forbidden to maintain or lubricate the pump ...

What Are the Features and Advantages of Our Concrete Pumps for Sale?

JBS10 cement mixer and pump
Based on years of production experience and high reputation, our concrete mixer pumps are sold very well at home and abroad. It has a lot of features and advantages, and we will list it as the followings: Our cement pumps for sale has small size, light weight and high mobility, and it has easy access to the construction site. Besides that, the structure is relatively simple, which is easy to maintain and operate. Our mini or small concrete pump is generally equipped with anti-shedding off hyd...

The Engine Maintenance of Small Concrete Pump

HBT small concrete pump sale
Generally speaking, the engine is the key part of small concrete pump, which calls for daily and appropriate maintenance and inspection. However, some customers barely know the maintenance of the engine of small trailer concrete pumps, which can be a big problem. Hence, Changli Machinery will make a thorough introduction of the basic maintenance steps of your mini concrete pumps. Polish the engine timely to extend the life of the engine no matter whether it is a new pump or second hand c...

The Function and Significance of Concrete Pump in Concrete Construction

mini concrete pump price
What is the concrete pump? Concrete pump, which is also called concrete delivery pump, and it is composed by pump body and delivery pipelines. It delivers the concrete through the pipeline under the effect of pressure. Generally speaking, it is mainly used in the building construction, bridges, rural and tunnel construction. So far, there are many types of concrete pumps available in the market, such as trailer concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, diesel concrete pump, electric concrete pump and ...