The Purchase Attention of Trailer Concrete Pumps for Sale

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How do you choose the right type of concrete pump? For some large construction projects, users may consider HBT60 or 80 concrete pump. In contrast, HBT40, 50 trailer pump suits the demand of rural housing construction and other small construction projects best. What aspects to consider before buying trailer mounted concrete pumps? Concrete Pouring Requirements The pump selection should base on the objects and features of concrete engineering works, the required maximum conveying capacity,...

The Adjustment Method of the Hydraulic System

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Among worldwide market, there are many types of concrete pump manufacturers that concentrate on the innovation and production of concrete pumps for sale. Changli Machinery is a top pump manufacturer in china, which catches the opportunity and make great achievements in the past years. In general, Changli cement pumps mainly consist of the hydraulic system, distribution valves, control cabinet, the mixing blades and other components. To guarantee the normal operation, users should debug the machi...

Some Basic Operation Precautions of Concrete Pump

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Concrete pump is a top-selling machine of Changli Machinery, which has significant influence in the modern concrete manufacturing projects. There is certain rules for operators to follow to realized efficient working, and the wrong operation may weaken the pumping efficiency and waste more resources. To help customers get the right operation method, Changli Machinery will share some basic operation precautions of concrete mixer and pumps as the followings: Firstly, users should open the valve...

The Arrangement of the Pipelines of Concrete Pump

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In concrete pumping process, pumping pipelines’ arrangement differs greatly because of the difference of construction requirements. In this article, we will talk about the methods of how to arrange pumping pipelines. After certain times of using, pumping pipelines are may be blocked if the dip angle is too big in the operation process. Based on abundant experience, our engineers suggest that if the dip angle is more than 7°, operators can take the following measures to avoid pipes’ blocking a...

The Basic Operation Tips of Concrete Pumps

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Operators should carefully read service instruction to master related knowledge of the pump’s structure, operation and maintenance attention. During operating process, operators should strictly obey the items listed in service instruction. In a general manner, it needs some time for operators to totally master the knowledge of concrete pumps. Therefore it is a good choice for operators to carry the service instruction with him throughout the whole working process. Operators should find ev...

How to Extend the Service Life of Concrete Pumps?

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How to extend the service life of concrete pumps? It is a question that puzzles lots of customers and manufacturers all over the world. With long pump manufacturing experience, Changli machinery will our experience with worldwide customers. Issues that operators should keep in mind can be itemized as the following: Before starting the machine, operators should inspect all the electronic components to make sure that there is no loose or other abnormal phenomenon. Blow-down valves are us...

Operation Principle of the Pumping System of Concrete Pumps

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In a general manner, a concrete pump is most likely to adopt diesel or electric engine to drive its pumping system. The pumping system chiefly contains a concrete hopper, mixing system, a distribution valve, two concrete cylinders, a water cylinder and two oil cylinders. Its basic operation principles are explained as the following introductions. To understand its working principle, we need to know that oil cylinders are connected with concrete cylinders by the water tank. There is a piston t...

The Basic Working Process of Concrete Mixer and Pump

Just as what it is called, a concrete mixer pump is a comprehensive equipment that combines mixing and pumping together. This article will talk about how the machine perfectly integrates concrete mixing and pumping together, and it plays an important role in modern construction sites. At first, operators need a wheel loader to unload aggregates into the hopper, and the loading hopper will convey the aggregates to the mixing drum by reciprocating motions on its working tracks. At the same time...

How to Install Concrete Pump in Construction Sites

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Proper management to the construction site of concrete pump is pretty important for the whole installation process. Therefore, it becomes quite significant to choose a suitable location for the pump. Generally speaking, the site choosing of concrete pump should depend on the location of construction targets as well as the construction materials. Concrete pump usually takes less space, and it is easy to settle, which makes the installation works much easier. After choosing a proper location fo...

The Skills of Choosing the Appropriate Concrete Pump

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Along with the development of construction industry, the pumping technique of concrete becomes much maturer. Many machinery manufacturers have innovated different kinds of concrete pumps to comply with this situation. With so many choices to choose, customers often feel confused of how to choose the appropriate concrete pump. So this essay will give some tips on the selection of concrete pumps. The selection of concrete pump should depend on the construction target, project requirements, the ...

The Debugging Attention of Cement Mortar Pump

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The operation condition of cement mortar pump can directly affect the schedules of your construction projects, which can cause lots of troubles in the production process. Zhengzhou Changli Machinery has long mortar pumps manufacturing experience, and we want to introduce the debugging attention of cement mortar pump china before operation. Firstly, users should undergo a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of concrete mortar pumps before putting it into actual practice. Under this circum...

The Operation Attention and Tips of Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump plays a vital role in today’s construction projects, which can greatly improve efficiency, reducing manual work and labor intensity. In fact, there are many users who have little recognition of their wrong operation steps in production, which is the reason that we want share this article. Specific steps are as the followings: 1. Trailer concrete pump can by dragged by motor vehicles, but it is not supposed to carry any goods, and the towing speed should not exceed 8km pe...

The Cleaning Points of Concrete Mixer Pump after Operation

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Concrete mixer with pump is a construction device that can mix and pump concrete by one machine, which has high working efficiency and good performance. However, it may occurs that the pipelines maybe blocked due to improper or late cleaning. Generally speaking, it is vital to clean your concrete mixer and pump after pumping. Changli machinery is a professional concrete pump manufacturer in china, and we have accumulated abundant experience in this field. To help customers manage their projects ...

Introduction of Concrete Trailer Pump

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Concrete pump is a generally used concrete conveying equipment, which can easily realize the horizontal or vertical transportation of concrete through the pipelines, and it is an efficient concrete pouring equipment. In general, cement trailer pump basically consists of the body and conveying pipelines. With the help of a concrete trailer pump, users can easily finish pumping in a very short time, which can also save lots of time, labor and costs. Besides that, concrete trailer pumps have wid...

The Pumping Points of Concrete Pump

As an efficient concrete pumping equipment, cement pump has played a vital role in the modern construction projects. The pumping of concrete requires careful operation to improve working efficiency and ensure productivity. There are several pumping points that users should pay attention to in the construction site. Generally speaking, users should finish concrete pumping within 90 minutes after mixing, which can greatly avoid the sticking of concrete onto the pipeline or the inner side of pum...

The Features and Advantages of Cement Mortar Pump

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Cement mortar pump can adapt to various hard working conditions, which can be used to transport acid, alkaline liquid or slurry, corrosive slurry, sulfuric acid, sewage and so on. Generally speaking, cement mortar pump has strong corrosion and wear resistance, and it also has wide range of application. Today, we want to introduce the features and advantages of our cement mortar pumps. Strong corrosion resistance The components of our pumps adopt strong wear-resistance material, which can ...

The Unique Advantages of Concrete Pump

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Concrete pump is a concrete conveying device that generally makes full use of pressures to achieve the continuous conveying of concrete through pipelines. Generally speaking, it is basically composed by the pump body and conveying pipelines, and it will be more convenient if we install the pump in a mobile chassis, which is often called as truck mounted concrete pump. In order to help users know more about our concrete pumps, we will introduce the main advantages of our pumps as the followings: ...

The Pumping of Concrete Pump

The pumping of concrete is widely seen in many modern construction works, which often has fast operation speed, high quality and low labor intensity, and it is extensively used in many high-rise building and road construction works. Generally speaking, the pumping of concrete refers to the conveying of concrete from the mixing truck to construction sites by making full use of pressures, which can easily realize the pumping of different heights or angles, and it has large pumping capacity, high w...

How to Properly Use Concrete Pumps?

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Concrete pump is a widely used conveying equipment, which has extensive application in the construction of high-rise buildings, railway, overpasses and other large construction works. However, many users often make mistakes in actual operation process, which can cause lots of troubles and losses. In order to correct their mistakes and maximum their profits, Changli Machinery want to introduce the correct operation procedures of concrete pumps to worldwide customers. Concrete pump has the adva...

The Safe Operation Announcements of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is an inseparable part of modern construction works, which has very good performance in the pumping and delivering of concrete, aggregate and mortars. However, many users know little about the daily operation attentions of concrete pump, which has caused lots of troubles and affect their drily operation. Today, we will try to solve this problem by introducing the basic safe operation announcements of concrete pumps. Generally speaking, concrete pump should be placed in a sm...