Operating Attentions of Concrete Pump

Our professional technologists have summarized the operation attentions of concrete pumps to help users manage their construction projects well and improve their working efficiency. Of course, there are lots of problems that require their attention in operating concrete pumps. Then, let’s check it together.

First, users should set specific working areas for concrete pump, and the non-operating person is not allowed to enter to that area. Before starting concrete pump, operators should check the working conditions of the pump and the reliability of the transmission line each time.

concrete trailer pump pictures

Second, operators can’t put his hands into the hopper, tank or other moving parts when the machine is in operation. After pumping, operators should stop the motor and then release the pressure of accumulator timely. The installation, repair and wiring of electric control box should be carried out by professional electric technologists. Besides that, the concrete in the hopper must be higher than in the mixing shaft to avoid the inhalation of air.

Then, after pumping, users should shut the motor and power off and lock the cabinet door to avoid the start the machine by irrelevant person. The concrete pump should be placed on a solid ground to ensure its high reliability, which should be far away from the slope, dams, and pits.

Finally, before starting pumping, operators should check the connection of pipeline and hose to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine. And they should provide adequate lighting when the machine works at night.

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