Operation Attentions of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump in Winter

Along with the approaching of winter, temperature is getting lower and lower, which makes the operation of concrete pump harder and harder. In addition to daily cleaning and maintenance, operators also should follow specific rules to ensure the smooth operation of their construction works. As a professional concrete pump manufacturer, we want to introduce the operation attentions of truck mounted concrete pump in winter to worldwide customers.

First, in terms of working temperature, we strongly suggest that concrete pump had better work as less as possible under 40 degrees below zero. Generally speaking, concrete is easy to freeze under this circumstance, which inevitably raises higher requirements for the quality and technique of conveying pipe and the machine itself. If you have to pump in very low temperature, operators should preheat and test the machine before formal pumping to avoid sudden working breakdowns. In addition, operators should make full preparation for the warming of conveying pipelines.

truck mounted pump

Second, operators should put concrete pump in an even and firm place, and operators should never put the pump in a frozen ground, which is easy to slip to cause sudden accidents. After pumping, operators should empty the water in the conveying pipeline and the tank to avoid the freeze and blockage of pipeline.

At last, operators should lubricate the whole machine timely in winter. A good and timely lubrication of concrete pump can avoid the waste of time, resources and unnecessary losses. All in all, I do hope that our suggestion can be helpful for the construction of your projects.

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