Operation Requirements of Concrete Pumps

Concrete pump is one of the most famous products of our company, and our concrete pump has been well-welcomed all over the world with superior advantages of novel appearance, compact structure, good performance and long service life. Besides that, our company has perfect manufacturing equipment, advanced technical craft, strong technical force, perfect detection means, high-quality products, and heartfelt service, which has won the praise of the majority of customers. Then, we want to introduce the operation requirements of concrete pumps to help our customers operate their construction projects well.

  1. Avoid resonance effect

Operators should try to avoid resonance effect in the operation process. In short, the pumping switch frequency of concrete pumps should be different from the self-vibrating frequency of the boom arm of concrete pumps.

concrete pump picture

  1. Avoid high stress concentration

One should try to avoid the operation of concrete pumps in high stress working conditions. Specifically, operators should avoid incorrect horizontal operation of concrete pump as much as possible. In this case, it will cause the outer shift of the gravity center of the boom, which makes the conveying process much more difficult.

  1. Control the load intensity

One must has a well control of the loading intensity of concrete pumps so as to avoid the occurrence of fatigue crack, and it will decrease the service life of the machine. Generally speaking, the service life of every component is limited, and once excessively used, it is bound to affect the service life of the machine.

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