Operation Specification of Concrete Pump

The introduction of the operation specifications of concrete pumps are as the followings:

  1. Concrete trailer pump can be dragged by motor vehicles, but it is not allowed to carry any other goods, and the towing speed shall not exceed to 8 km/h.
  2. The safety valve of hydraulic system should be in accordance with the requirements of the instruction, and the users shall not change it randomly.
  3. Concrete pump should have antifreeze measures in winter, which can ensure the smooth operation of the machine at any time and conditions.
  4. Operators should prevent the high temperature of concrete pump in the hot weather. When the temperature reaches to 70 degrees, operators should stop the machine or take other measures to cool it down.
  5. One should clean hopper, S valve, concrete cylinder, and pipeline in time when the pumping is completed. After the pump is cleaned, the pressure of accumulator should be released, and the power supply should be cut off.
  6. Operators should not climb or ride in the transmission pipeline, and the high-altitude operations should be absolutely prohibited.
  7. Before cleaning concrete pump, operators should reverse the pump to release the pressure within the pipe to avoid accidents.
  8. The operation, installation, wiring of electric control box must be carried out by professional operators.
  9. The concrete in the hopper must be higher than the stirring shaft, which can avoid concrete spray caused by the inhalation of air.

small concrete pump picture

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