Precautions and Handling of Concrete Pumping

Aimix Group is a professional concrete pump manufacturer, which has rich production, operation and maintenance experience of concrete pumps for sale. To help customers operate the pump well, we will explain the detailed precautions and abnormal handling of concrete pumping as the followings:

  1. In summer, the high temperature sunlight will accelerate the formation obstruction of the transmission pipelines, and users should cover it with wet grass curtain. In winter, the temperature is low, and users should warm the pump with certain covers to prevent the frozen of concrete pump with mixer.
  2. In the process of concrete pumping, the tank or piston cleaning room should always be full of water for urgent using. Moreover, users should lubricate the inner side of pipelines with wet cement if they need to connect the pipelines that are more than 3 meters.
  3. Users should stop pumping, identifying the reasons and take measures to exclude it when the concrete pump pressure rises and the oil temperature increases. Users can use the mallet to knock on the percussion duct tube, cone and other easy-blocking place, and users may start slow pumping or anti-pumping to prevent clogging.

HBT concrete mini pump

When the concrete pipeline is blocked, the following method can be used to eliminate as listed:

  1. The concrete pump should undergo anti-pump and positive pump repeatedly to gradually plug the concrete mixture at the plug and sent it to the hopper.
  2. Users should identify the clogging site with the help of a mallet, and then unplug the concrete pump with anti-pumping and positive pumping.

During the concrete pumping process, users may stop the mini concrete pump for a short time if the scheduled plan is interrupted, but the interruption time should not exceed 1 hour.

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