Problems Need Attention in the Pumping Process

Concrete pump is a commonly seen pumping machine in various construction sites, which can greatly improve the transmission efficiency of concrete. In order to ensure the smooth operation of concrete pump, operators should follow specific principles and avoid inappropriate operation as much as possible. So, we want to introduce some problems that require operator’s attention in the pumping process.

First, the discharging of materials should be operated by a specific person in the pumping process. On the one hand, it can ensure the accurate discharging of all kinds of materials. On the other hand, it can greatly reduce labors and costs. Besides that, one should send a specific person to monitor the feeding of materials to avoid the breakdown of the machine caused by jam of large diameter materials.

concrete pumps picture

Second, operators should avoid the vibration of the pipeline as much as possible in the pumping process. The concrete stored in the hopper can’t be below the position of stirring shaft.

Then, operators should shorten the pumping interruption time as much as possible. If the pumping of concrete have to be interrupted, and the general interrupt time should be less than an hour, or the pipeline might be blocked by concrete, which will affect the whole operation the machine.

At last, concrete pump can largely shorten your construction period and bring benefits to you if you take good care of it. All in all, check and maintain the machine regularly, which will ensure the long service life of your machine and benefit you in a long time.

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