Requests and Notes of Using Concrete Pump

To correctly use the concrete pump can prolong the service life, guaranteeing the operation safety, improving the working efficiency and save costs, workers should pay more attention to the operation requests and notes of concrete pump when using it in construction. The operation requests and notes of concrete pump are listed as below:

The operation requests:

  1. Always request ACPA certified operators.
  2. Operator must have personal protective equipment.
  3. Always stay a minimum of 20 feet from power line.
  4. Be sure equipment has updated boom in section sand any repairs are completed.
  5. Always use outrigger pads.
  6. Always use safety straps on tip hose and all other hanging attachments.
  7. Always provide a designated spotter if the boom can extend into the danger zone of power lines.

truck mounted concrete pump picture

The operation notes:

  1. Never use placing boom as a crane.
  2. Never allow a pump to operate with extra pipe held horizontally by a crane.
  3. Never allow pump to set up or operate in the dark.
  4. Never allow anyone near the discharge hose while priming.
  5. Never allow more weight to hang from the boom than recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Never use a boom over a short rigged outrigger.
  7. Never attach a metal device to the end of the discharge hose.
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