Rules to follow before Using Concrete Pumps

Concrete pump is a practical concrete conveying equipment, which can greatly improve the concrete transportation efficiency, and it is well-welcomed by the majorities of construction projects in China. However, concrete pump should be inspected completely to ensure smooth work in the daily operation process. What rules we should follow before using concrete pumps? Specifically, it can be carried out from the following aspects:

1. Inspection of important components
Before using the concrete pump, the whole machine should be filled with sufficient oil and water. The tire pressure should be meet the requirements of the provision, and the lighting and signal indication lamp should be in good condition. The hydraulic system should be in normal condition, and the pipeline should have no leakage. The mixing hopper should have no debris, and the conveying pipe circuit should be connected tightly.

stationary cement pump

2. The activation of tubing hose and placing rod
The tubing and hose used in the delivery tube should be selected according to requirements specific provision, and users shall not use pipes that have exceed the diameter ranges of the provision.

3. Oil temperature control
Generally speaking, before pumping, users should extend the open drive time to enhance oil temperature if the hydraulic oil temperature is below 15 degrees. In this way, the occurrence of sudden accidents and breakdowns of the equipment can be largely avoided.

Properly and regularly checking can largely decrease unnecessary losses and avoid the waste time, and I hope this article can do some help to your equipment inspection.

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