Safe Operation Principles of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Safe operation of truck mounted concrete pump can save lots of materials and improve production efficiency. On the contrary, wrong mode of operation may leads to the occurrence of severe accidents and cause great losses. Here, we want to introduce the safe operation principles of truck mounted concrete pumps to help worldwide customers.

truck mounted cement pump

  1. The truck mounted concrete pump must be placed in an even and solid place, and there should have no obstacles and high-voltage transmission lines around the equipment. Specifically, truck mounted concrete pump can’t be placed in a slope or dangerous place.
  2. Once the pump is set, users should put up the supporting legs of the equipment immediately and keep the equipment in stable state. Users should turn on the parking lights to avoid the occurrence of a car collision at night.
  3. Before operation, users should add enough lubrication oil and water to the certain parts of the equipment, and the lighting and signal indicator should be in good working condition. The hydraulic system should be in normal condition, and the pipeline should have no leakage. Besides that, there should be no debris in the mixing bucket and hopper. The pipeline connection should be firm, and the sealing of the equipment should be tight.
  4. Before pumping, users should extend the no loading running time when the temperature of hydraulic oil is below fifteen degrees.
  5. Users should check the rotation condition of the pump and mixing devices, and they should stop the machine immediately if there is any abnormal working phenomenon.
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