Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

Self loading concrete mixer truck is a construction machine appears with the market development. With the continuous expansion of urban construction scale and the improvement of urban functions, small-scale concrete mixing equipment is required for urban building maintenance and municipal engineering construction. The construction of mining tunnels also requires such small size concrete mixing machine. At present, though the construction market has demands for this kind of machine, domestic automobile chassis factories hardly produce chassis with low center of gravity and small capacity self loading concrete mixers. Therefore, in order to meet this requirement, we have developed a self-loading and mixing concrete mixer truck that is suitable for small-scale, small-quantitative concrete construction.

AIMIX self loader mixer truck

Hot Types of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

1.2m3 self-loading concrete mixer truk

1.2m3 self-loading concrete mixer truk

Model CL1200
Drum Capacity 1.8m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3
Loading Ratio 0.76
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUNNEI4102
Power 60kw
Bucket Capacity 300L
Tyre 12-16.5
Weight 4800kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

2.0 m3 self-loading concrete mixer truk

2.0 m3 self-loading concrete mixer truk

Model CL2000
Drum Capacity 3.0m3
Concrete Output 2.0m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 78kw
Bucket Capacity 550L
Tyre 16/70-20PR16
Weight 6500kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250

3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer

3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer

Model CL3500
Drum Capacity 5.4m3
Concrete Output 3.5m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 85kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

4cbm self loading concrete mixer truk

4cbm self loading concrete mixer truk

Model CL4000
Drum Capacity 6.1m3
Concrete Output 4m3
Capacity 4Batch/h
Engine Model YUCHAI
Power 92kw
Bucket Capacity 650L
Tyre 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 7500*2700*3380

Aimix self loading concrete mixers have been exported to oversea conturies such as VietnamRussiaMalawiZambiaUgandaMauritiusSaudi Arabia and win customers’ praise.

Packing Details of Exported Self-loading Concrete Mixer Machine

packing details

Self loading concrete mixers manufactured by Aimix Group combines concrete mixing and concrete transportation together. It not only meet the demand for small amount concrete mixing, but also can transport the mixed concrete to construction sites that is not very far. The characteristics of this machine are: low chassis, low center of gravity, low horsepower, small amount, self-loading, self-mixing, flexible and adapt to the site well. It doesn’t need to work together with a concrete batching plant. It plays an important role in reducing the labor intensity of workers, maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the city, and promoting the construction progress of the project.

Components of self loading concrete transit mixer

The product consists of a cab, a chassis, a drive system, a hydraulic system, an unloading lifting cylinder, a speed reducer, a mixing tank, a rotating frame, a rotating disk, a hopper, and a shovel.

self-load concrete mixer components

Working process of self-loading concrete mixer machine

The operator drives the machine to the materials storage place and puts all the raw materials needed into the mixing drum with the bucket, and the mixing drum begins to mixing the materials. After the concrete is evenly mixed, the operator can transport the concrete mixture to the construction site. During the transportation, the mixing drum will keep rotating in case the concrete mixture freezes.

concrete mixer drum

Characteristics and advantages of Aimix self loading concrete transit mixer

1.According to the capacity of the mixing drum, we divide our self loader concrete mixer truck into 1.8m3, 3m3, 5m3, and 5.5m3.
2.It is a machine that can be operated by one worker. It will highly reduce the cost on the labor.
3.The self loading concrete truck mixer has a stable performance and long service time. We use top quality steel to manufacture the machine. The engines we adopt are famous brand in domestic.
4.The self loading concrete mixer truck has good quality with competitive price.
5.Aimix self loading concrete mixer has realized Fully automatic loading and discharging.

Video of self loading concrete transit mixer

Specifications of self loading concrete transit mixer

Model CL1200 CL2000 CL3500 CL4000
Drum Capacity 1.8m3 3.0m3 5.4m3 6.1m3
Concrete Output 1.2m3 2.0m3 3.5m3 4m3
Loading Ratio 76%
Metering Electronnic Weighing System(options)
Capacity 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h 4Batch/h
Power 60kw 78kw 85kw 92kw
Bucket Capacity 300L 550L 650L 650L
Tyre 12-16.5 16/70-20PR16 16/70-20 16/70-20 wire tires
Weight 4800kg 6500kg 7600kg 7600kg
Dimension(mm) 6030*2180*2250 6030*2180*2250 7500*2700*3380 7500*2700*3380

Our self load concrete mixers have been exported to countries all over the world such as Vietnam, Russia, Malawi, Uganda, Mauritius etc. As an experienced China self loading concrete truck mixer manufacturer and supplier, we have rich experience on giving customers suggestions on which model to choose, shipment etc. Some types of our self loading concrete mixer trucks are on sale, if you are searching for one, don’t hesitate to leave your inquiry in the form below!

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