Some Basic Operation Precautions of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a top-selling machine of Changli Machinery, which has significant influence in the modern concrete manufacturing projects. There is certain rules for operators to follow to realized efficient working, and the wrong operation may weaken the pumping efficiency and waste more resources. To help customers get the right operation method, Changli Machinery will share some basic operation precautions of concrete mixer and pumps as the followings:

Firstly, users should open the valve of the delivery tube when pumping concrete downward. Besides that, users should close the valve when there is certain pressure in the end of the delivery tube.

Secondly, users should correctly calculate the amount of concrete needed of the projects in the end of pumping process, and they also should inform the operators that mix the concrete.

Then, the left or extra concrete mixtures should be timely and properly handled as usual. After completing pumping, the delivery pipelines should be timely and thoroughly cleaned.

Changli concrete mixer and pump cost

And also, the export of fabrics equipment should be towards a safe direction to prevent the clogging other sudden accidents in cleaning or pumping.

At last, users should previously set the pumping place, pumping order and pumping capacity in multi concrete pumping. In addition, the concrete pumps should co-work well to complete the task effectively and quickly.

Zhengzhou Changli Machinery has many professional concrete pump technician and workers that have a good command of concrete pumps. If you are interested in our concrete pump, welcome to get the latest quotation.

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