Suggestions for the Maintenance of Hydraulic System of Small Concrete Pump

The daily maintenance of hydraulic system has a direct impact on the normal work of small concrete pumps sale, which will improve the overall performance and working efficiency of your mini concrete pump. The improper operation and maintenance is totally unacceptable in operating your small concrete pump for sale. What rules that users need to obey in this process?

In general, users need to stop the pump before taking any other steps. It is totally forbidden to maintain or lubricate the pump when it is at work, which can be a large safety threat for users and operators. To help users to familiar with these rules, we will make an explanation as the listed items:

HBT small portable concrete pump

  1. During operation, users must observe the oil level at all times and always keep the high oil level in the normal range to ensure the cooling effect of the tank. When the hydraulic oil level below the minimum level, it is necessary to timely put oil into the tank.
  2. Replace seals regularly and repair damaged parts in time to avoid heating problems, and lubricate the concrete mini pump regularly.
  3. It should be installed with safety valve, relief valve, sequence valve and other hydraulic systems to prevent the heating problems caused by improper adjustment and long-time production.
  4. During the operation, one must periodically check and clear the cooler to ensure the cooling performance. The opening pressure of the safety protector should be adjusted correctly before using. In addition, one should regularly check and correct the opening pressure of safety protection device in using.
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