The Adjustment Method of the Hydraulic System

Among worldwide market, there are many types of concrete pump manufacturers that concentrate on the innovation and production of concrete pumps for sale. Changli Machinery is a top pump manufacturer in china, which catches the opportunity and make great achievements in the past years. In general, Changli cement pumps mainly consist of the hydraulic system, distribution valves, control cabinet, the mixing blades and other components. To guarantee the normal operation, users should debug the machine firstly before operation. Specific debugging steps are listed as the followings:
The debugging of the hydraulic system

1. Adjust the main pump pressure and check whether the device is turned on or not. Remove the screws in the body of concrete pumps out and tighten all screws after adding oil.

2. Check whether the main regulator valves on the pump are tightened or not.

JBS10 electric concrete pump and mixer

3. Press the start button, and slowly adjust the main relief valve adjustment screw.

4. Regulate the constant power adjustment lever at last.

The concrete pumps must be adjusted previously so as to protect the concrete pump maximally. We offer professional technicians to help you install the pump and start your production after purchase. If our customers still have any problems in the actual production, we will offer many solutions to solve the problem. Contact us now if you are interested in our concrete pumps for sale.

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