The Arrangement of the Pipelines of Concrete Pump

In concrete pumping process, pumping pipelines’ arrangement differs greatly because of the difference of construction requirements. In this article, we will talk about the methods of how to arrange pumping pipelines.

After certain times of using, pumping pipelines are may be blocked if the dip angle is too big in the operation process. Based on abundant experience, our engineers suggest that if the dip angle is more than 7°, operators can take the following measures to avoid pipes’ blocking appearance.

trailer concrete pump manufacturers

  1. Operators can decrease negative effects by increasing dragging force. For instance, they can make the horizontal pipelines 5 times as long as that of the vertical pipelines.
  2. Operators can connect a short pipeline at the end of the pumping pipelines to avoid concrete mixture’s over-flow appearance.
  3. Operators can install the pumping pipelines with a certain number of air evacuation valves, which are also good choices to avoid concrete mixture’s over-flow phenomenon.
  4. Operators can put two sponge balls before pumping concrete mixture if the dip angle is too large.

The above items are some methods of pumping pipelines’ arrangement. If you need more information about it, welcome to contact us at any time. With abundant experience, we will provide you with most professional suggestion.

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