The Basic Installation Procedures of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is an important construction equipment, which plays an important role in the concrete conveying of many construction projects. In order to ensure its smooth operation, users should install the equipment properly and correctly. However, some users are unfamiliar with the installation attentions of concrete pumps, and we want to help them to install their concrete pump correctly by providing the following suggestions:

trailer cement pump

  1. First of all, users should set the concrete pump on the solid cement ground, and the equipment should be kept on an even level. The four legs of concrete pump should be fixed tightly, and users should remove the tires out of ground or unload tires.
  2. Users should make a chute according to the size of the discharging port and pump hopper, which enables the discharging materials entering into the hopper easily and quickly.
  3. In general, the height of pump hopper should be heightened about 20cm, which can increase the volume of the hopper and avoid the outflow of concrete.
  4. The placing slope of the chute should be appropriate, and the angle should be between 25-40 degrees.
  5. There should be enough space between the chute and the hopper in connecting the chute and pump hopper, which makes the cleaning of hopper and sieves much easier and more convenient.
  6. After installation, users should check whether all components of the pump are in place or not, and the casing door of the equipment should be switched freely.

This is a basic introduction of the installation procedures of concrete pumps, and I hope that it can do some help to your construction projects.

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