The Basic Maintenance of Aimix Concrete Mixer with Pump

Concrete mixing pump is especially designed for the rural and urban concrete pouring, which can significantly improve the construction efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the user’s business. Concrete mixer and pump can pump concrete higher, faster and safer while saving manpower at the same time, and it is favored by more and more investors nowadays.

After a period of production, users need to maintain the pump from time to time, and the daily maintenance of concrete mixer pump is of great importance, which shall not be ignored so as to avoid the unnecessary delaying of construction works and cause losses. In general, users should basically pay attention to the following items:

JBT concrete trailer pump

  1. Users should regularly check the wear and tear of the rope of concrete mixer, and apply a small amount of butter on the surface of wire rope. It requires timely replacement if there is serious wear and tear on the rope.
  2. The brake of the lifting motor should be timely checked and adjusted to normal state, and it shall be replaced if the friction of the plate ups to a certain extent.
  3. Users regularly check the gear box oil, if necessary, they should add or replace the new oil. The oil surface shall not exceed the calibration line so as not to burn the motor.
  4. Regularly check the sealing of concrete pump, adjusting the compression sets and replace the seals if necessary.
  5. Regularly add enough butter to each grease fittings.
  6. Before using concrete mixer pump, users should check the reliability of all switches and adjust it if necessary. Furthermore, check the rise and fall condition of the hopper before starting the machine.

This is a brief summarization of the maintenance of concrete mixer pump, and please contact us for details and quotation.

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