The Basic Operation Tips of Concrete Pumps

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  1. Operators should carefully read service instruction to master related knowledge of the pump’s structure, operation and maintenance attention. During operating process, operators should strictly obey the items listed in service instruction. In a general manner, it needs some time for operators to totally master the knowledge of concrete pumps. Therefore it is a good choice for operators to carry the service instruction with him throughout the whole working process.
  2. Operators should find even and substantial ground to settle concrete pumps. Supporting legs should be fixed and blocked on the ground to ensure balance of the machine. When choosing the settling sites of concrete pumps, operators should take many factors into consideration.
  3. Selecting of pumping pipelines mainly depend on construction environment and concrete grouting scheme. During pipelines’ configuring process, operators should adopt flexible pipes as much as possible. Layout of concrete pumping pipelines should adhere to the basic principle of easily to be maintained and disassembled.
  4. Increasing pumping pressure may impel the moving of pumping pipelines which will cause pressure waste of the equipment. Therefore operators should fix the pipelines on the ground.
  5. After connecting concrete pump and concrete pipelines, operators should completely inspect the equipment according to service instructions.
  6. When the machine needs to work in strong sunlight, operators should cover the machine with wet cloth or other sun-protection materials to keep the machine from being damaged by sunlight.

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