The Basic Service Conditions Aimix Concrete Mixer for Sale

The operation of any types of concrete mixer should meet certain basic service conditions. As a key component of the concrete batching plant, Aimix diesel concrete mixers are very helpful. Then, what are the basic service conditions of Aimix concrete mixers? Our professional technicians summarize it as listed:

First of all, concrete mixers should be set in a flat place so that the tires are in a floating position so as to avoid loosening after starting. It is best to empty test the mixer and make complete preparations before mixing. What deserves to be noted is that the rotation speed of mixing cylinder speed should be appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the empty speed of the drum is two or three turns faster than after loading. If the gap is very big, users should adjust the ratio of wheel and transmission wheel.

Aimix JS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Second, users should carefully check the various parts of the concrete mixer to see whether the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, and whether there is any damage of the rope. Besides that, users should also check the condition of track pulley, and whether there are obstacles around it and the lubrication condition. Users should start the mini cement mixer for sale after confirming all the listed items.

Then, users should shut the machine and discharge left materials immediately if there is any electrical or mechanical failures. Users should start working again after ruling out the problems. Of course, we must always check the working conditions of Aimix cement mixers to prevent the occurrence of security incidents.

Finally, users should lock the switch control box and clean the mixer timely after using. Users should also keep the site clean and pay attention to the protection of the liner and other accessories of concrete mixers.

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