The Basic Working Process of Concrete Mixer and Pump

Just as what it is called, a concrete mixer pump is a comprehensive equipment that combines mixing and pumping together. This article will talk about how the machine perfectly integrates concrete mixing and pumping together, and it plays an important role in modern construction sites.

At first, operators need a wheel loader to unload aggregates into the hopper, and the loading hopper will convey the aggregates to the mixing drum by reciprocating motions on its working tracks. At the same time, water supplying system will pour water into the mixing drum according to preset orders. Aggregates inside the mixing drum will be evenly and efficiently stirred with the rotation of special designed mixing blades, and Changli cement mixer with pump is featured with high mixing efficiency and short mixing period. In this way, china concrete mixer pumps for sale can produce concrete that is uniform and even.

cement mixer pump for sale

After finishing mixing, the machine will entry into the concrete pumping. To provide enough power for the pumping system, the machine adopts advanced hydraulic system that is well-known for high pressure and stable performance.

Generally speaking, different types of concrete pump have different conveying capacity, and constructors should choose proper machines according to their construction needs. Concrete will be conveyed by the conveying pipelines and during the process, operators should frequently check the working condition of the pump to ensure smooth pumping operation. After pumping, operators should maintain the machine timely to prolong its service life.

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