The Cleaning Points of Concrete Mixer Pump after Operation

Concrete mixer with pump is a construction device that can mix and pump concrete by one machine, which has high working efficiency and good performance. However, it may occurs that the pipelines maybe blocked due to improper or late cleaning. Generally speaking, it is vital to clean your concrete mixer and pump after pumping. Changli machinery is a professional concrete pump manufacturer in china, and we have accumulated abundant experience in this field. To help customers manage their projects well, we want to introduce the cleaning points of concrete mixer pump china by the following details.

After pumping, users should wash pipelines immediately, and the cleaning quality will directly affect the next pumping operation, and late cleaning is prone to cause plugging phenomenon. The external environment, weather and temperature may also affect the condition and performance of concrete mixer pumps, which are likely to cause the pipeline blocking.

concrete mixer pump china

Before pumping, users should firstly check the controller is in normal condition or not, and they should put some water and stones into the mixing cylinder to mix for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove all the water and stones out. After cleaning, all operation switches, adjusting handles, hand wheels, levers and cocks should be reset.

The cleaning of concrete mixer pump requires careful and daily attention, which will save lots of money and costs. In order to enhance the performance and prolong the service life of concrete mixer and pump, it is very necessary for users to undergo this job. If you have more questions, welcome to contact us in your spare time.

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