The Composing Structure of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is also known as concrete conveying pump, which is mainly used for concrete transportation of different construction works. It mainly consists of main pump, distribution valve, cooling system, electric control system, hydraulic system and hopper.

The cooling system is equipped with high power air cooling radiator, which can effectively control of the temperature of hydraulic oil, and guarantee the normal operation of hydraulic system. The electric control system of the concrete pump adopts imported program controller, which can largely promote the control accuracy and operation reliability of concrete pump. It can also greatly reduce the operation failure rate.

JBT30 concrete mixer pump

The Characteristics of the hydraulic system of concrete pump are as the followings:

  1. It adopts double pump open circuit system, and each system is motored by independent oil pump, which can effectively promote the service life of hydraulic system and save energy.
  2. With overflow and double pressure cut off protection, the reliability of concrete pump is largely promoted.
  3. The Pipe joint parts adopt international cone sealing, and the hydraulic oil pipes adopt imported brand, which can ensure the reliability of the pipeline.
  4. The main oil cylinder is set very high, and the low pressure switching adopts rotary valve design, which has no need to remove rubber hose, and it can also reduce the double pollution of hydraulic oil.
  5. After pickling and phosphating, the inner wall of the oil tank is hard to cause oil pollution.

Concrete pump has extensive application in high-rise building construction, road, dams, bridges and so on. Users can manage his works well if he is familiar with concrete pumps. I hope that this introduction can do some help to your construction projects.

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