The Conveying Method of Concrete Pump

As an important construction equipment, concrete pump is especially suitable for the pumping and conveying of concrete mixtures in many construction works. Concrete pump has the advantages of long conveying distance, high pumping efficiency, high reliability and long service life. However, how much do you know about the transportation method of concrete pumps? With the direction of our professional technologists, we want to make a brief introduction of the conveying method of concrete pumps to help your manage your projects well.

HBTS60 concrete pumps

In fact, concrete pump usually adopt other tools as its accessory appliances to improve its conveying efficiency in the actual conveying process. The accessory appliances consist of single wheelbarrow, wheel rack truck, car tipper, conveying truck and so on. Single wheelbarrow and wheel rack truck involves the participation of human labors, and its conveying distance is limited. Belt conveyor, car tipper and conveying truck has no involvement of human labors, and they also have long conveying distances. In summarization, single wheelbarrow is suitable for short distance concrete mixtures transportation while belt conveyor and car tipper can realize long distance concrete transportation.

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