The Daily Cleaning of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

As an excellent truck mounted concrete pump producer in China, our products have sold very well at home and abroad, which also have received a good reputation all over the world. But recently, some of our customers has inquired about the daily cleaning steps and procedures about truck mounted concrete pump. To solve this problem, we want to make a simple introduction of the daily cleaning procedures of truck mounted concrete pump. After combining the experience of our professional technologists, we summarize it as the followings:

Generally speaking, the cleaning of truck mounted concrete pump is divided into water cleaning and water-less cleaning. Then, water cleaning can be divided into discharging port ball cleaning, concrete cylinder ball cleaning and ball free cleaning. Water-less cleaning consists of compressed air cleaning and pipeline ball suction cleaning. Both method can effectively clean the pipeline and inner side of the main pump to avoid concrete condensation and ensure its smooth operation.

truck mounted cement pump

After pumping, operators should clean the hopper and delivery pipelines carefully and thoroughly. If users don’t wash the cylinder completely, concrete mixtures may stick onto the inner surface of the tank, which will be harder to remove with time going by. Besides that, it may affect the performance of the cylinder if there is too much concrete mixtures sticking onto the tank.

All in all, users should pay more attention to the details in the cleaning of truck mounted concrete pump, and clean the equipment regularly and timely. Timely and completely cleaning can greatly prolong the service life of your equipment and improve its performance.

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