The Daily Inspection and Maintenance of Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump is a convenient concrete conveying equipment, which has wide application in the construction of bridges, tunnels, mines, ports, high-rise buildings and so on. In order to ensure smooth operation, operators should inspect and maintain the machine in the pumping process. The maintenance points are listed as the followings:

  1. The inspection and maintenance of electric equipment

The electric current and temperature of the motor should be in the specified range. The meter, indicator and other operation parts should be in good condition.

  1. The inspection and maintenance of hydraulic system

The oil level, oil quality and oil temperature should meet specific requirements. The pressure, sound and temperature of oil pump should be in the normal operation condition. All valves, accumulator and pressure gauge also should be in normal condition.

electric concrete trlier pumps

  1. The inspection and maintenance of water tank

The water of water tank should be added timely. If the water consumption is too fast, operators should check the tank carefully and take appropriate measures. Besides that, the water should be in clean condition, and one should prevent the freeze of water in winter.

  1. The inspection and maintenance of hopper

Clear out the super diameter aggregate or other debris in time. Clean the mortar that sticks on the outer side of the hopper timely. Users should also lubricate the machine in time.

  1. The inspection and maintenance of transmission pipeline

The Pipeline joints should be firm and airtight, and users should stop the machine immediately if there is any leakage.

  1. The wearing parts should be regularly checked and timely replaced.
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