The Debugging Attention of Cement Mortar Pump

The operation condition of cement mortar pump can directly affect the schedules of your construction projects, which can cause lots of troubles in the production process. Zhengzhou Changli Machinery has long mortar pumps manufacturing experience, and we want to introduce the debugging attention of cement mortar pump china before operation.

Firstly, users should undergo a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of concrete mortar pumps before putting it into actual practice. Under this circumstance, users should take certain measures if there is anything wrong in the checking process. Users should check whether each orifice device is smooth or not, and users also should check the lubrication condition of the pump. In addition, the motor of the device should be in normal operation condition.

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Secondly, users also should undergo daily inspection and maintenance of the mortar pump at work. Users can’t cut off electricity suddenly in the operation process, and the oil temperature should be in certain ranges. The damaged parts or components should be replaced or repaired timely to ensure that the whole device is in smooth operation.

At last, users also should pay enough attention to the maintenance and cleaning of cement mortar pumps for sale after operation, which can greatly enhance the performance and prolong the service life of your equipment.

The following is a basic introduction of the debugging attention of cement mortar pumps, and welcome to contact us at any time to more related details.

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