The Distinct Features of Changli Cement Mortar Pumps

Generally speaking, cement mortar pump belongs to cantilever type centrifugal pump. It is a professional machine applied to pump acid or alkaline mortar, dilute acid liquid, sewage etc. It is seriously requested that the flow components of the pump must have superior corrosion resistance. Fortunately, a new kind of engineering plastic-UHMW-PE is introduced to construction market to satisfy the needs of high quality cement mortar pumps. This essay will briefly introduce some distinctive features of UHMW-PE.

Changli cement mortar pump for sale

  1. The adoption of UHMW-PE’s can keep the stable performance of the cement pump under super low temperature.
  2. UHMW-PE has high wear resistance performance. According to scientific research, its wear resistance performance is four times of than of PA66 and PTFE.
  3. UHWM-PE has good absorption of impact energy, and it can greatly absorb the noises produced in the pumping process.
  4. UHWM-PE has stable chemical properties. It will not break down toxins as long as the operators operate it in right ways.
  5. UHWM-PE has good viscous resistance, and it is pretty popular in the pumping of sticky mediums.

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