The Engine Maintenance of Small Concrete Pump

Generally speaking, the engine is the key part of small concrete pump, which calls for daily and appropriate maintenance and inspection. However, some customers barely know the maintenance of the engine of small trailer concrete pumps, which can be a big problem. Hence, Changli Machinery will make a thorough introduction of the basic maintenance steps of your mini concrete pumps.

HBT small concrete pump sale

  1. Polish the engine timely to extend the life of the engine no matter whether it is a new pump or second hand cement pump. Users must operate the pump in accordance with the operation standard in the instructions.
  2. It is difficult to start the machine if the supply of oil is interrupted in the production process, which will cause the power failure and the engine can’t function properly. If there is any oil shortage or interruption, it is easily to cause the wear and tear of the pump.
  3. The strong vibration caused by the engine may cause the uneven loading of different parts of concrete pump, and users should regularly inspect the fasteners of the pump for fear of the loose of bolts in the pumping process. To avoid the accident caused by physical damage, all adjustment bolts should be timely checked and fastened.
  4. Timely check and adjust the valve clearance of diesel engine or gasoline engine to ensure that the engine is always in a good state, which can save fuel and extend the service life of the pump.
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