The Features and Advantages of Cement Mortar Pump

Cement mortar pump can adapt to various hard working conditions, which can be used to transport acid, alkaline liquid or slurry, corrosive slurry, sulfuric acid, sewage and so on. Generally speaking, cement mortar pump has strong corrosion and wear resistance, and it also has wide range of application. Today, we want to introduce the features and advantages of our cement mortar pumps.

  1. Strong corrosion resistance

The components of our pumps adopt strong wear-resistance material, which can prolong the overall pumping performance of our machine while reducing the abrasion in the pumping process at most, and our machine has evident advantages than others.

  1. Low operation noise

Our mortar pump can greatly absorb the operation noise in the pumping process, which will not influence the daily life of the neighborhood and provide a comfortable working environment for operators.

mortar pump

  1. High Reliability

Our pumps have high stability, which also have stable performance after years of service, and it can save lots of investment and maintenance costs with its high reliability.

  1. Good anti-viscosity performance

The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has excellent anti-viscosity performance, which will not stick onto the inner side of the hopper, and it won’t affect the normal pumping of the equipment.

  1. Wide range of application

It can be used to transport the masonry and plastering mortar, which has great importance in the construction of ports, terminals, hydropower station, pressure grouting operation, foundation treatment, soft foundation consolidation, tunnel and subway. All in all, if you want to get a reliable cement mortar pump, welcome to contact me in your spare time.

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