The Four Main Advantages of Concrete Pump

Concrete pumps is a commonly seen pumping machine in the construction industry, but how much do you know about the advantages of concrete pumps? Today, we want to introduce the four main advantages of concrete pumps.

  1. High impact resistance

Our machine adopts high quality materials, which won’t change its shape under 196 degrees.

  1. High wear resistance

The adoption of high abrasion resist materials can greatly improve the service life of the machine. Our machine adopts materials that have 7-10 times wear resistance that stainless steel and high molecular weight polyethylene.

concrete pump news picture

3. Low working noises

Our machine adopts special-produced high molecular weight polyethylene, which has good noise elimination performance, and it also can enlarge the application of our machine by this characteristic. Our machine won’t interrupt the daily life of related areas, which can be a very good choice for all-scales of construction projects.

  1. Easy maintenance

Our machine has high anti-sticking property, which won’t stick lot of materials in the inner or outer side of the machine, and it is unquestionably easy to clean and maintain.

Besides that, concrete pump also has long conveying distance, easy operation, compact structure and long service life. With lots of professional technologists and workers, our machine totally deserves your trust, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free quote.

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