The Function and Significance of Concrete Pump in Concrete Construction

What is the concrete pump? Concrete pump, which is also called concrete delivery pump, and it is composed by pump body and delivery pipelines. It delivers the concrete through the pipeline under the effect of pressure. Generally speaking, it is mainly used in the building construction, bridges, rural and tunnel construction. So far, there are many types of concrete pumps available in the market, such as trailer concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, diesel concrete pump, electric concrete pumpĀ and so on.

mini concrete pump price

In the process of concrete construction, concrete pouring and transportation is an important task, which requires much labor and time investment. This is particularly important for some large project, which makes the selection of concrete conveying and transportation equipment much more important. The superior performance of concrete pump is very good to solve the problem of the low transport efficiency and bad quality, and concrete pumps produced by Zhengzhou Changli Machinery has been recognized in the building industry, and is used more and more in the construction industry all over the world.

Concrete pump applies to which engineering? Concrete pump is suitable for all kinds of engineering construction, including high-rise building, water conservancy, electric railway and highway, bridges, ports, mining and national defense projects. If you are thinking of purchasing a concrete pump to finish your tasks, our machine can be favorable choice. With high quality and stable performance, our pump can meet the demand of any construction works, and welcome to contact us for a free quote and further information at any time.

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